millennial monsters

because we are so stupid,

they think that

our weak hearts whimper

in our uninspired chests,

that our blood pools like sludge in our feet

and fingertips,

that we aim our smiles vapidly

at our front-facing cameras

to capture nothing more than our



because we are so stupid,

they give us no choice

but to fight like dogs for atlas’s position—


but it might look good

on our resume.

(now, because we are so stupid,

we wonder why our backs hurt,

why it’s so hard to enjoy the world

when it’s resting on our shoulders, why

no matter how brilliantly our resumes sparkle,

our phones sit


on our desks.)



because they are so stupid

we will keep smiling at the camera

because we like to see our own sharp teeth

bared at the world.

we will grow out our claws,

and we will howl our songs,

and our muscles will become strong from the weight

that we carry


and our mouths will never remain silent,

lips always touching, tongue

trapped by teeth,


we will tear through the red tape they’ve

stuck across our mouths,

and we will crack open our jaws

and show our bloody tongues to the world,

and prove

beyond the shadow of a doubt

that we, too, can

produce a pearl.