fifth grade

it’s winter, boy

let’s bundle up in hats and mittens and stripy scarves,

buy ice cream

and walk around outside, eating it smugly

our breath turning to steam and

people staring at us, secretly wishing

that they had icy strawberry cones too.


it’s summer, boy

hot and bright, blacktop

soaking up the sun and radiating it back

burning my feet when i kick off my flip-flops.

let’s go buy gatorade

the big, big jugs of it

and drink it all, fast

and see if it really makes people sweat

bright colors.


it’s autumn, boy

back to school, back to

waking up with purple shadows painted under my eyes

but pssst. i have a better idea

let’s sneak off this morning, huh? let’s

crunch through the leaves and climb that big tree

let’s feel the wind on our skin and the sun on our freckles and

i’ll teach you how to kiss

[because i saw your sister doing it, and i think

we’ve been going about it all wrong.]


it’s spring, boy

i put that valentine you made me up

on my wall.

i think i’ll marry you.

let’s sit down today, and

plan the wedding

and while we’re at it

we can plan our summer

because i just can’t wait to start drinking gatorade

and burning my feet on the blacktop

with you.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. waningandwaxing
    Dec 05, 2011 @ 00:24:38

    Love the nostalgia evoked by this poem!


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