aimless footprints

i went out
late last night
and i thought of you.

the unexpected snow had fallen so thickly that
i couldn’t see where the sidewalk was
and my footprints crisscrossed across
people’s lawns
and into the street.
my ankles kept twisting in my boots.

the night was a strange color, darling
with all the power out.
people had parties in darkened houses, and
a pizza delivery car drove nervously
down the street
and the cries of collapsing trees kept echoing
into the night

and everyone was excited
playing and partying
but you weren’t there.
so i walked alone in the dark
a girl in a too-big duffel coat
leaving an aimless set of footprints with my doc martens
and letting you follow me like a ghost
through the dark snowy night.


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