the things you wish they’d told you

there’s beauty in your eyes
everywhere you look you’ll
see it, my dearest
you’ll find it in the tiniest things and
it will make you happy and sad and alive.

there’s so much to feel, my dearest
experiences that you can’t even
and moments that you never thought would
take your breath away, and
little glimpses of perfection that make everything else worth it.

love is simple
and complex
and strong and fragile and beautiful and messy and

you’ll go on to do great things, my dearest
never think that small things can’t also be great
and always remember to see everything
to listen and search and not care about finding and dear
if you ever run
don’t let it be from your past
let it be because you just can’t wait for your
future to come get you.

run, and see what the world has to offer.


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