you always reminded me of the ocean
did you know that, darling?
you were the most beautiful thing in the world
completely necessary
no one could live without you
and you could rip apart the world with ease.

did i ever tell you, darling
how your big black sunglasses made you look like a movie star
how all the boys would swoon when they saw the lipstick stains you left on your straws and
how they could never take their eyes off you as you sped away on your second hand roller skates?
those boys always wanted to take you out for a sodapop, darling
but you had bigger things in your head than soda fountains and idle chitchat and kisses on the cheek.

and i wonder, darling
do you remember where you came from?
that old house in the middle of a field of yellow
stretching out as far as the eye could see
did you leave yourself behind in those old polaroid pictures
smiling your little crooked smile, trapped forever in a battered old frame?

someday maybe you’ll stop running, darling
maybe you’ll find someone who makes the sodapop special and the chitchat anything but idle and the kisses on the cheek electric
and maybe, if you can’t settle down
he’ll run alongside you
on a harley, i’ll bet
and you’ll be on your skates and he’ll be on his bike and you’ll go
and he’ll show you the world you’ve never been able to see
and you’ll be perfect together
maybe, darling.

just maybe.


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