escape plan gone wrong

the air was always hot and sticky there
so thick that it was difficult to move, and
even the butterflies’ wings seemed to flutter in slow motion.

and she never could breathe there
her lungs felt damp and tired and
every breath was a workout

but maybe that’s why she stayed.
that thickness, that suffocation, that
was all she knew now.

and sometimes he would cross her mind
when she saw one of the huge flowers
or the beautiful, brightly colored birds
had she been somewhere else
all the air would have rushed out of her

and she would imagine him
with his moonlight skin and his long cool fingers and
his sparkling eyes
[and god, all those annoying little habits
that now she could barely remember].

he would hate it there, in that sweltering sunlight
maybe that’s why she should stay.

but as she stared at the sky
filled with all the stars she’d forgotten the names of
it seemed like the best reason in the world
to catch the next plane home.


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