never forgotten

her hair was lit up with traces of red as the sun trickled in, fighting its way through the dust to reach the creaky wooden floor. and her knees, her knees were pressed into the floor too, and they were sore from splinters – but she barely noticed. all she wanted was that


it was old and worn, and when she pulled it towards herself she moved carefully so it wouldn’t break. and then slowly, slowly, with her chipped orange and blue fingernails, she peeled the tape off.

and she closed her eyes as they washed over her – images of playing in the grass until her feet turned green, of running and running until she couldn’t breathe [but she still managed to laugh], of eating dinner as fast as she could because all she wanted was to go outside and play with the trees and the sun and the sky…

we’ve been waiting so long, whispered her memories.

they drifted around her head playfully as she looked through the box; sometimes she would see something and one of the memories would pop out, giggling excitedly as it danced in front of her eyes. and other times, as she was searching through old papers and polaroids and mac-and-cheese necklaces, a little memory would creep shyly forward. and it would tap on her shoulder, so lightly she almost wouldn’t feel it; and then, then it would drift into her mind with a sigh of relief because finally, oh finally, it was back where it belonged.

and she couldn’t help wondering, as she cringed at her school photos, what had happened. she couldn’t help wondering how all these pieces of her had been trapped, locked away in a dusty old box. she couldn’t help wondering when her childhood had disappeared into the attic.

and as she stood up [with some difficulty] she rubbed her rounded belly, feeling the little kicks coming from inside. the memories flooded around her, probing curiously at this new little life; and then they settled again in her mind, knowing that soon, soon they would have so many beautiful new memories to play with.

she closed her eyes and breathed deeply, letting a few tears drip down her face.

“when you grow up, little one,” she smiled softly, “never forget to remember.”


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  1. dogberry
    Feb 10, 2011 @ 08:54:23

    beautiful <3


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