have you ever loved someone so different
so out of reach, so
e t h e r e a l
that you might as well be in love with the stars in the sky?

and have you ever wondered about
about the unseen and the otherworldly and the

have you ever wanted to
your computer out the window
because the backspace key keeps sticking
and you feel like that must be some kind of ironic sign?

have you ever listened to the stories
dancing around in your head?
or seen something
[a look, or a smile, or frosted tree branches glittering in the sun]
that needs telling

have you ever felt like such a stereotypical
like you should be in some teenybop movie about coming of age
like you should just crawl under a rock
like you want to burst into tears at your desk
just because no one wants to sit next to you?

have you ever wondered how other people’s brains work?
how their thoughts float around
how they see the world
what the voice in their head sounds like, and
what sorts of things do they imagine, anyway?

have you ever felt so exhausted and
so overwhelmed and
so messed up
that you just want to scream?


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