that storyteller girl

there’s something in those storybook images, the thoughts of magic and adventures and wolves howling at the moon, that makes her heart pound and her skin tingle and her fingers itch to grab a pen. sometimes she feels like she has ink running through her veins and maybe blood would be more healthy, but she wouldn’t choose it for the world.

stories always find her – they whisper in her ear, placing images fully-formed into her mind, so vivid she feels like she was really there. she can smell them and see them and feel them and she has to tell them, to make other people see them like she does.

maybe she’s not the best one for the job. but if she didn’t get those stories out of her head she might burst because god knows they just keep coming and she can feel them, tiptoeing around her like ghosts, just waiting for the perfect time to show themselves.

and she would never say she created the stories; she doesn’t create anything. the stories are already there.

they just come to her when they’re ready to be told.


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  1. somethingnewplease
    Jan 07, 2011 @ 18:46:37

    Stories are a great thing to be enamored with, however, you have to watch out for those magical sleep diseases and the goblins and the sunsets.

    Other than that, it’s a-okay.



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