word scramble

He was a going-nowhere, good for nothing heart breaker with a talent for falling hard and crashing harder and

she was a genius, overflowing with perfection and beauty and brains, but sometimes she felt like the whole world was against her and

wait. that’s not right.

He was overflowing with heartbreak and it was getting him nowhere and he hated the whole world, but he still had beauty and brains and

she was a genius, perfect in every way except that she was falling hard and she knew she was going to crash and

no.  still wrong.

He was a genius, and people said he was going nowhere but he saw his future in her every time he looked in her perfect eyes. He fell hard for her, but he always knew she’d never let him crash, just like she knew he’d never break her heart, and he loved her because she let him feel from his soul instead of his brain and

she loved him because he found her beauty and brought it out for the whole world to see.


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