all the pieces

i was raised by hope.

i was raised by airplanes and travel and adventures
by foreign language and tired feet
and “stop whining, we’ll get there when we get there.”

i was raised to find my way by the stars
to look at the world through my own eyes
and to do the things that scare me.

i was raised to believe that home isn’t a place on the map
home is people and feelings
and love.

i was raised by family
(little and broken, but still good)
with support and comfort and mistakes to learn from.

i was raised to dream
to see through reality to the beauty underneath
to watch and listen and understand.

i was raised by pirates and fairies
by mermaids and Greek gods and heroes
and the crinkling pages of books.

i was raised oddly
with secondhand clothes and organic food
empty bank accounts and lots of restaurants
never a house but always a home

i’m a walking idiosyncrasy


i was raised by hope.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Nicole
    Nov 17, 2010 @ 09:41:07

    I heart this.


  2. Jim
    Nov 19, 2010 @ 20:55:45

    It’s great to read something so personal, clear, and moving all at once.


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