siren song

Her voice rang out over the misty water, clear and enchanting and irresistible. From her perch on the rocks her blood-red eyes could see for miles, despite the thick fog.

They would be here soon.

Standing up, she raised her lantern into the air – its warm golden light snaked its way across the rocks, drawing the ship closer and closer. Her singing never ceased, never wavered, and she knew the sailors couldn’t stop listening now.

They were hers.

She continued to sing softly over the crashing and moaning of the ship collapsing against the rocks. Even as they sank, the sailors couldn’t tear their eyes away from her – they struggled to get closer, to see her clearly, but soon the water rushed over their heads and into their lungs and she smiled.

They were gone.

She snatched their dazed souls out of the water and stuffed them down her throat, moaning with delight. As she swallowed the last one her eyes grew an even brighter shade of red, and she chuckled, knowing more would come soon. Stretching, she grabbed her lantern and drifted slowly to a new rock. Her voice rang out over the misty water.





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