he thought he was in love with her on a bright september day when the leaves were as red as her hair; every time he looked at them his heart stuttered, and his mouth followed suit.

he was sure he was in love with her the first time he went to her house. she showed him her impressive collection of comic books. then she showed him her even more impressive collection of vintage records. then she smiled, and he forgot how to breathe.

he was almost positive he was in love with her the first time they kissed. her eyes were the color of spring and her lips tasted like sunshine and she giggled when their noses squished against each other.

he wondered whether he was really in love with her the night he proposed. she had laughed and cried and now she was snoring next to him, and he was trying to count the freckles on her nose. when he looked at the ring on her finger his heart started racing.

he knew he wasn’t in love with her the day he said ‘i do’. she looked too beautiful to be human, and he felt like he would crumble if she touched him. when he was around her he had trouble keeping his thoughts straight. fiddling with his ring, he watched her try to do the robot to the classical music her parents had insisted on. she yelled at him to join her, and he grinned. and went to dance with the better half of his soul.

love would never be a strong enough word to describe his feelings for her.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gallowaygrave
    Aug 05, 2010 @ 01:22:04

    Well written and crafted… what is the word for beyond love?


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