death by mermaid

The waves crashed violently against the sand, smashing into the feet of the young boy lying on the beach. He sighed and closed his eyes, wondering if he should just stay there until the ocean covered him up – if it filled his lungs and mouth until he burst, he would become one with something beautiful. And wasn’t that really what everyone wanted?

“Whatcha thinkin’ about, Sailor?”

He sat up in alarm, and she giggled, her silver hair blowing across her face. His eyes skimmed nervously up and down her body; she was young, 20 at the most, and wearing a too-big T-shirt and bottle cap necklace. A soaking wet blanket covered her legs.

“Who—I mean—um…” he swallowed. “I thought—I thought the beach was closed.”

She shrugged. “Didn’t stop you. Why are you here?”

“You’re not gonna tell my dad, are you? He’ll get so mad, I’m not supposed to be here, please don’t—”

“Hey, relax, kid! I’m not really supposed to be here either.” She smiled widely. “So tell me what you were thinking about before. You looked so serious.”

His neck was beginning to prickle uncomfortably. “Oh… nothing. I, uh… I’m taking a philosophy class in school.” He forced a laugh. “I guess it’s just kind of getting to me.”

“Ooh, philosophy. A smart boy, huh? Tell me more.”

“You know,” he stood up quickly and started to back away, “I’d love to, really, but dinner’s probably ready, and my dad will get mad if I’m late.”

“Wait, don’t go! Come for a swim with me first.” She reached towards him, smiling invitingly.

He shook his head and kept walking; just a few more yards to the street, a few more yards and—

“They all hate you.”

She spoke softly, but her voice was dripping with malice. “No one understands you, do they? No one cares. No one wants you.”

He turned around slowly. She was still sitting in the water, her cloudy grey eyes boring into him. “What?” he whispered.

“They just don’t get it. They don’t understand how special you are. You’re different. You’re better than them.” She suddenly smiled. “I understand you. I understand you perfectly.”

He suddenly realized that he was walking back toward her. Her smile grew wider.

“I even know what you were thinking about before,” she murmured. “It’s a beautiful thing, death. Mysterious. Inexplicable. Inevitable.”

He was standing in front of her now. She pushed herself further into the ocean, and he followed, struggling to keep his balance in the seething water.

“Do you want to come swimming with me?” she whispered.

Slowly, he nodded.

And suddenly her arms were wrapped around him, so tightly he could barely breathe. The blanket slipped away from her waist, and he gasped, but before he could cry out they were underwater. He kicked at her, his feet scraping against her scales, but she didn’t loosen her grip.

Water filled his mouth, and he felt like he would burst, but it wasn’t beautiful; his lungs were screaming and his head was screaming and the darkness was closing in as they swam down and

down and



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  1. dogberry
    Jul 27, 2010 @ 01:38:48

    man. that is *good*. also freaky as shit.


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